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This is a companion site for the facebook group, Narcolepsy Resource Group.

NRG is a place to help collect, sort, and disseminate information about Narcolepsy. Many of us have other autoimmune and/or autonomic issues, and we do discuss these also. NRG is not a group of professionals giving advice.  We are a support group for people with Narcolepsy and/or Idiopathic Hypersomnia and also for their supportive loved ones and friends.

This companion site provides a hub for links to helpful information about Narcolepsy.  When facebook changed their group layout a couple years ago, it became difficult to efficiently share this information, so hopefully this website will make it easier for our members.  We have tried to make this site very simple to understand.  To get detailed information, you will need to follow the links.  Any text that is underlined is a link.

Again, this site is simply a hub for links to information that is helpful for people with narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia.  There are no descriptions or in depth explanations or conversations.  All you will find here is links, and anything underlined is a link.


We ask that our members please review our group rules, which can be found here.  Please click "preview" for the latest version.



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